Company Policy

Furukawa's policy is divided into two main axes: first is quality, second is environment, safety and occupational health.


“The commitment of Furukawa Electric LatAm is to apply our experience accumulated over the years to provide products and solutions directed towards the company´s operation market, exceeding the customers´ needs and expectations and enabling expansion of the business at the global market”.


  • To have attitudes to identify and fulfill customers´ needs, adding value to the products, solutions and services supplied;
  • To gain customers´, shareholders´, suppliers´ and society´s trust through collaborators’ leadership, commitment and proactivity;
  • To develop products, solutions and services with innovation and technology, which meet the requirements and exceed stakeholders´ expectations;
  • To have a positive working environment, which promotes collaborators´ satisfaction and engagement, contributing to their constant development;
  • To apply continuous improvement for the evolution of processes, products, solutions, services and of the quality management system.


The commitment of Furukawa Electric LatAm is to provide products and solutions directed towards the company´s operation market, to contribute to the sustainable development and to promote a positive, encouraging, safe and healthy working environment."


  • To protect the environment with actions, which lead to preventing pollution, conscious use of natural resources, recycling and mitigation of adverse impacts;
  • To develop processes in a way that safety and health are first place priorities, working to identify threats, define actions and controls and monitor risks;
  • To comply with legal requirements as well as any other applicable requirement, exceeding the stakeholders´ expectations;
  • To educate, create awareness and qualify collaborators and partners pursuing their engagement in the performance and the continuous improvement of the environmental and health and safety management systems;
  • To contribute to the sustainable development of the society through corporate, environmental and social responsibility activities.

Information Security

"Guarantee information as an essential good of the company, respecting its confidentiality, ensuring its continuity, and ethical use."


  • Confidentiality - Access is only allowed to public information or information authorized by the proprietor;
  • Security - The integrity, confidentiality, and availability of information must be preserved;
  • Ethics - The information must be used ethically and professionally, based on company principles, policies, and procedures.