Company Policy

Furukawa's policy is divided into two main axes: first is quality, second is environment, safety and occupational health.


"Seek and maintain excellence in business management, meeting Client needs and expectations and applying continuous improvement."


  • Have attitudes focused on identifying and meeting customer needs, seeking their satisfaction;
  • Conquer the Trust of Clients, Shareholders, Suppliers, and the Community through leadership, commitment, and pro-active attitude of its Collaborators;
  • Develop products and services of technology, ensuring to the market solutions that meet and overcome their expectations;
  • Value and motivate Collaborators, contributing for constant development;
  • Apply continuous improvement and effective changes (Kaizen/Kairyo), as a manner to evolve processes and quality.

Environment, Safety, and Occupational Health

Contribute to environmental protection and promote a safe and healthy work environment, preventing incidents and complying with legal demands and other applicable requirements, with continuous improvement."


  • Prevent pollution, preserve natural resources, and practice recycling;
  • Engage upon identification, control, and monitoring of risks, developing processes so that safety and health are in first place;
  • Observe compliance with client requirements and environmental, safety, and occupational health legislation, pro-actively establishing standards and control levels;
  • Education, awareness, empowerment, and commitment of workers and suppliers with environmental, safety, and health matters, involving the interested parties and establishing goals and objectives to be fulfilled aiming at ongoing enhancement;
  • Contribute for the sustainable development of society through corporate, environmental and social responsibility activities.

Information Security

"Guarantee information as an essential good of the company, respecting its confidentiality, ensuring its continuity, and ethical use."


  • Confidentiality - Access is only allowed to public information or information authorized by the proprietor;
  • Security - The integrity, confidentiality, and availability of information must be preserved;
  • Ethics - The information must be used ethically and professionally, based on company principles, policies, and procedures.