Provide solutions with products and services for transport and distribution of information, communication, and electric power to the globalized market, with competence and innovation.


"We are an open, live, and healthy company, leader and pioneer in the globalized market and oriented to the client". We have an environment of continuous learning and technological innovation in harmony and integration with clients, collaborators, shareholders, suppliers, and the community. We work as a safe, entrepreneurial, equalitarian, and successful family building a citizen-company that generates progress, pride, and satisfaction.


  • Human Development: Ongoing efforts for development and integral evolution of the human being.
  • Family: The base for our existence and the reason for our work.
  • Honesty: Correctness in conduct and integrity of our acts, maintaining coherence among thinking, words, and actions.
  • Justice: Equalitarian treatment upon interpersonal relations.
  • Health: Physical, mental, and spiritual longevity.
  • Competency: Entrepreneurial and personnel excellence, based on enhancement and innovation.
  • Reliability: Conquer of respect, seriousness in commitments assumed. 
  • Ethics: Practice of values oriented to common well-being.
  • Prosperity: Generation of opportunities and results for development.