Partners & Suppliers


Furukawa is a company that acknowledges in its partners the opportunity to reach solutions that are more efficient and practical for its clients. Thus, the company opens its doors to enter into new partnerships and exchange knowledge, always focused on the client.


Team work goes beyond internal walls at Furukawa. In order to deliver quality work, we count on suppliers that ensure maximum excellence in products and services and are part of the Furukawa team. A Furukawa certified suppliers undergoes ongoing assessment of services.

Overall Supply Conditions.

  • 1 01. Payments will be carried out according to the provisions set out in the contracting document (FURUKAWA PURCHASE CONTRACT OR ORDER), being certain that no payment will be carried out until justifying events have been incurred.
  • 2 02. The payment prices and conditions set out in the contracting document can only be altered through respective additive term to be signed among the Parties.
  • 3 03. All taxes and other expenses incident on the supply are included in the prices set out in the contracting document.
  • 4 04. The period needed for payment processing by FURUKAWA is set out in the contracting document. Upon omission, referred period will be of 30 (thirty) days after protocol of the collection document.
  • 5 05. For all purposes, the bank deposit slip on behalf of the SUPPLIER will be deemed as proof of payment by FURUKAWA.
  • 6 06. The SUPPLIER is expressly prohibited from issuing, discounting, or in any other way, negotiate securities issued against FURUKAWA, without written acceptance of the latter, under penalty of being liable for the material and/or moral damages that such act may cause to FURUKAWA.
  • 7 07. Upon making labor available to FURUKAWA, the SUPPLIERS will be required to present the labor burdens, social security, and tax collection forms prior to effecting each payment, under penalty of payment withholding until the situation is remedied.
  • 8 08. The SUPPLIER must observe in the collection documentation the contracting document number (FURUKAWA PURCHASE CONTRACT OR ORDER) that rules the business among the Parties.
  • 9 09. Upon anticipated delivery, not requested by FURUKAWA, the maturity of the amount corresponding to referred event will be counted as of its occurrence, as set out in the contracting document.
  • 10 10. The collection documentation must be delivered at FURUKAWA offices in Curitiba.
  • 11 11. In the event the collection documentation delivered at FURUKAWA offices contains imperfections, errors or omissions, the payment term will start to count as of the delivery date of the duly corrected documentation at FURUKAWA offices.
  • 12 12. The Business Code of Ethics is available at - Code of Ethics is an integral part of this Condition.
  • 13 13. The SUPPLIER is responsible for the quality of the products supplied to Furukawa, as well as for their vices and defects.
  • 14 14. Non-manifest within 24 hours characterizes acceptance of the purchase order and its respective overall supply conditions.
  • 15 15. The SUPPLIER must protect the environment, as well as seek to prevent and eradicate practices that are damaging, carrying out activities in compliance with legal, normative and administrative acts, regarding the areas of environment, complying with Federal, State, and Municipal legislation, including, but not limited to, compliance with legal demands pertaining to transport of products and/or harmful residues, furthermore implementing efforts in that sense at their respective suppliers.
  • 16 16. Upon divergence among documents issued by the parties to regulate the contracting, the contents of the current FURUKAWA Overall Supply Conditions will prevail.