Social-Environmental Responsibility

Social-Environmental Responsibility

Furukawa’s commitment is not only directed toward the technology evolution. Projects capable of contributing for the evolution of people, also receive a special attention from the Company. Through interaction with the local community, the incentive to voluntary actions of the collaborators and social campaigns - such as blood, bone marrow and clothing donation - Furukawa restates its commitment with progress, showing that evolution and the future go through our cables, and beyond them.

  • Educating Children for the Future: 8 weekly hours are dedicated to school reinforcement and extracurricular activities to develop the child's potential and citizenship.
  • Digital Inclusion of the Community: donation of computers to the needy community that neighbors the company.
  • Scholarships.
  • Underage Apprentices.
  • Internal Waste Management.
  • Lets Run Program: incentive and training of employees for races.
  • Athletes Sponsorship (street runners)
  • Occupational Exercises.

RoHS Directive

European Guideline RoHS restricts the use of certain harmful substances on electric or electronic equipment. Furukawa implemented this model in 2007 as a standard for the entire line of structured cabling products.

In an effort to fight the different effects of global warming up, the development of products those are ecologically correct as become an urgent matter. At the Furukawa Group, environment-friendly products are priorities and involve all stages of the product's life cycle.

Our residues teatment process

Furukawa holds ISO 14001:2004 certification from UL DQS Inc. Management Systems Solutions and works towards the preservation of the environment and compliance with legislation in an ethical and responsible manner, using treatment processes for plastics, copper, and other residues.

The company invests in process enhancement, reuse and recycling of materials to comply with this objective. The correct destination of its residues is an important factor for the company. In the administrative and industrial area, all residues are separated at the origin, then collected and destined to expert recycling companies.

Environmental Partner

Partner companies undergo a strict screening carried out in partnership with the Environmental Management and Procurement areas at Furukawa, complying with some specific criteria, which enable them to be deemed as Environmental Services Performers (PSA).

Tips for a better world

According to the World Commission for the Environment and Development, sustainable development is defined as such which meets current needs without compromising the possibility of future generations covering their proper needs. In other words: if we don't take care of our environment today, out future will be compromised. Furukawa is committed to that and also wants society to set out efforts for a better future.