Discontinued Products

About Furukawa Discontinnued Products

The final client, upon purchasing a Furukawa product, can count on guarantee of the investment due to the company's commitment to end the product's life cycle offering product support and guarantee for one year as of the product's purchase date, according to the sales invoice issued by a Furukawa authorized partner (Distributor, Resale or Installer) or by proper Furukawa.

The reasons for which Furukawa Industrial S.A. may discontinue a product are several, such as: company guidelines in relation to the market segment,  product replacement for a new version with enhancements, technology trends, and etc.

Regardless of the reason for which the Furukawa product is defined as discontinued this does not mean that the functionalities and technical potentiality of same are not effective.

Upon client doubts, contact the Customer Service Center at  0800 41 2100.