The corporate buildings cabling was constituted by several kinds of cables mutually incompatible, and each of them was adequate only for one specific application, such as: transmission of voice, data, images, automation and control system, security systems, etc.

Dedicated cabling, proprietary systems, centralized processing and new structured cabling technologies made the manufacturers and the international bodies to develop norms and standards for the sector, looking for adequacy to the new and future applications.

The international standards, such as ANSI/TIA-568-C.1 and its addendums – set forth electrical and mechanical requirements for the components in the whole infrastructure.

In order to implement appropriately the cabling system in a commercial building, it is indispensable to analyze the integration of the systems and the definition of the routes.The earlier the initial planning is done, the bigger the flexibility and the service life of the systems will be.

In order to choose the best technology to be installed, it is necessary to analyze the currently offered services and the future expansion, selecting between optic, copper or mixed cabling (optical + copper).

The cabling systems in corporate buildings are composed of up to three sub-systems: campus backbone, building backboneand horizontal cabling. The sub-systems are interconnected to form a cabling system.

Generic Cabling Sub-system



The structured cabling elements are:

A) Campus Distributor (CD);

B) Campus Backbone;

C) Building Distributor (BD);

D) Building Backbone;

E) Floor Distributor (FD);

F) Horizontal Cabling;

G) Consolidation Point (CP);

H) Consolidation Point Cable (CP Cable);

I) Multi-user Telecommunication Outlet Assembly (MUTOA); 

J) Telecommunication Outlet (TO);


Structured cabling benefits:

• Flexibility for layout changes and possibility to include new systems upon demand;

• Intercommunication between different systems, generating additional features;

• Network systems based on protocols that allow remote management;

• Cabling standardization and performance assurance.



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