The integration of new technologies within a residential environment, such as entertainment-aimed applications, demands a cabling network prepared to fulfill the bandwidth increase and to reach the quality of service desired by the user.

Currently, the main applications implemented in residences are: access to the internet, telephone, intercom, door phone, analogue and/or digital TV, cable (CATV) or satellite TV, closed TV circuit cameras (CCTV) and audio and video distribution (Home Theater/ambient sound).

The Furukawa Home Networking Solution called Multi-media Distribution Center (CDM) is designed to integrate the Internet, cable TV, telephone, electronic security/alarm, sound system, interphone, home-theater and computer network using star topology, where all services are made available to the different environments in the residence from one single port.

The residential structured cabling follows requirements similar to those for corporate cabling, i.e., the cabling distribution starts from a central port and continues to the outlets in the rooms of the residence.

Characteristics of the residential structured cabling systems

Star Topology: All cables shall start from one single port, through the distribution panel, without derivations or splices until one of the outlets. Thus, it is possible to guarantee the transmission capacityand the connection ports sufficient to support the current and the future technologies.
Organization: Project documentation (wiring diagram and visualization of the ports being used) completely, in order to facilitate future maintenance or changes.
Installation: It is done in a standardized way by means of push-pull modules, with easy identification of the ports.
Simplification for Service Change: The possibility to plug the same cable in another interface may facilitate the change of an operator, server or just one switch port;
Flexibility: Use of the same cabling to traffic data, telephone, automation or video. It enables providing the desired type of service (data, voice and image) by means of a simple maneuver on the distribution panel; the figure below illustrates a typical example of the use of CDM in a residence, where the modules are centralized in the distribution panel and the telephone, data, video and electronic security/alarm services are distributed to all rooms in a simple and easy way.

Residential Structured Cabling Systems