Developed to allow installation of network ports under the most diverse conditions, the Protection Index of the Furukawa Industrial Solution products is class IP 67, which guarantees full protection against dust, strong waterjets and temporary immersion.

All network environments suffer from dust, but in certain places, its concentration is critical and may damage the connection at the exposed network pointor even lose the signal completely.
The same happens talking about humidity, which, for begin invisible at first, may cause major damages.

The main failures identified in the common cabling installed in critical environments are presented below:

Failure due to Hygroscopic Dust: Suspended solid materials may deposit on the printed circuit board surface or on the contacts, bridge between the intervals of two conductors, isolating the contacts.
Oxidation: High humidity damages the contacts and causes several kinds of corrosion, which may lead to system failures.
Fatigue: With the presence of particles in the contact areas, the precious metal layers may deteriorate during the connectorization processes.
Vibration: Environments with vibration may damage the connectors contacts, causing loss of communication signals.


The standard adopted in the norm creates 3 levels of hostility of the industrial environments (MICE standard), considering that the 4 reference parameters are described below: