Normally, when we talk about FTTx, we assume that we will install the fiber to a “house”, but it is possible that the final user is in multiple residential units or building apartments, where the challenges can be very different and demand different installation architectures and practices.

With the high number of residential buildings in the big cities, providing solutions to fulfill this demand becomes essential. In order to provide better service, Furukawa classifies these environments by number of floors: up to 4 floors and more than 4 floors.

In the first case, an optical infrastructure with service centralized one floor is recommended. In the second case, more than four floors, the service shall be distributed per floor.

The Furukawa solutions were designed to serve either splicing or connectorized projects.

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For a project with more than four floors, there are different possibilities: with single splitter level inside the building, or with two levels, one at the base and another in the floor boxes.

One of the main doubts is discovering which of the architectures is the most advantageous. The projects need pre-installation at the building shaft, preparing the network for customer activation. The costs are related to these two aspects. In order to prepare the whole building, the higher initial costs are taken into consideration.

The connectorized solution is adequate due to its higher installation flexibility. By means of this solution, it is possible to prepare the shaft without installing all components initially and still serve the whole building, because it allows expansion when the ports are finished.

Thus, the initial cost is reduced, and it is transferred to the moment the customer requests the service and makes the preparation of the shaft feasible for the network to serve more customers.

In order to speed the process up and face the big challenges in the construction of these networks, such as blocked ducts, buildings without adequate infrastructure and existing distributors with depth limitations or installation made directly on walls, Furukawa offers different products, which provide stability, avoiding future maintenance, and helps taking the optical fiber to the desired point inside the houses reliably and fast.