Smart City


In the Smart/Safe Cities concept, the optical fiber networks expand their previous operation (FTTH) and are used to interconnect the services provided to the citizens, such as schools, hospitals, traffic light system, public security system (civil defense, firefighters, police), among others. This interconnection is possible by means of the passive optical network solutions, which allow access of up to 10 Gb/s.

Currently, Furukawa is the only player on the market offering all necessary products for the optical network infrastructure of a Smart/Safe City, based on PON (Passive Optical Network) technology.

Currently, the Smart Cities are already a reality and promote quality of life with sustainability and economic growth, integrating services under a single infrastructure.

The multi-service optical fiber networks fulfill the needs of the municipalities and their departments, hospitals/health centers, schools/libraries, surveillance cameras, public administration departments, among others, which need high capacity on-line communication for the traffic of data serving the citizens.

Furukawa shares this vision with its customers and wants to perform an important function in this scenario, supplying products, which make available all types of service relevant for the society.

It also offers solutions for better network management, with reliability and low maintenance cost.

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• Urban mobility management;
• Intelligent traffic control;
• Intelligent parking lots;
• Efficient public lighting;
• Crisis management and disaster prevention, sensing;
• Public health, education, transport and security services.

Smart Metering:

• Measurements for energy management and distribution;
• Intelligent measurement of the energy consumption;
• Distribution automation;
• Micro-generation;
• Distributed management of renewable energy (wind, solar).