Strength, quality and technology, serving capacity and responsibility


The history of Furukawa Group began more than 130 years ago, in Japan. Since then, the group has transformed itself into a global corporation with diversified activities in the metals, light metals, telecommunications, automotive systems, energy sector, among others, forming an international network of industries operating in Asia, North America, Europe, Africa and Latin America.
It underlines its values as a company of excellence, by providing products and technology that contribute to global development. Furukawa has more than 100 affiliates and modern research laboratories, prepared to generate new technologies and products.


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As a truly global company, Furukawa Group understands how necessary it is to identify and develop products and solutions, replying quickly and efficiently to customers’ demands. Thus it's possible to contribute much more to the needs of society in five continents. All group companies are integrated with guided focus on markets and customers, with active participation in the people's life, through continuous technological innovation.

Creating Complete Solutions

Furukawa focuses on expanding relationships, shortening distances and anticipating technological needs of the Society.
Furukawa is always carefully monitoring movements and global trends to offer
advanced solutions in Infrastructure that meet the demands for high-speed and access to one of today's most valuable assets, knowledge.