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Obrigado! Seus dados foram cadastrados com sucesso, em breve nossa equipe entrará em contato.

  • FIO - Curitiba

    0800 041 2100

    - Rua Hasdrubal Bellegard, nº 739 – CIC , Curitiba – PR - Centro de Produção - FIO - - Brazil -

  • Furukawa - Paulinia

    +55 19 2116-2000

    - Av. Dr. Roberto Moreira, km 4 - Recanto dos Pássaros - Paulínia/SP , - Escritório de Vendas - - Brazil -

  • Furukawa - Santa Rita (MG)

    +55 35 3473-3300

    - Av. Sapucaí, 450 – Boa Vista , Santa Rita do Sapucaí - Centro de Produção - Minas Gerais - Brazil -

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I had an idea

Build the Future

Part of our business vision is to work in order to build a citizen company that generates progress, promotes equality and brings pride and satisfaction to those who share our point of view, positively impacting our society.

Because we believe in this collective effort for good and evolution, we would love to hear your thoughts, ideas and opinions, be it about products, services, customer service or even your dreams, innovations and whatever comes to mind!

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