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  • Furukawa Curitiba Brasil

    0800 41 2100

    - Centro de Produção - R. Hasdrubal Bellegard 820, Cidade Industrial - Curitiba - Paraná - Brazil - 81460-120

  • Furukawa Curitiba Brasil (Escritório)

    0800 41 2100

    - Escritório - Rua Comendador Araújo 499, 11º andar, Centro - Curitiba (Escritório) - Paraná - Brazil - 80420-000

  • Furukawa Sorocaba Brasil

    0800 41 2100

    - Centro de Produção - Av. Pirelli 1.100, Éden - Sorocaba - São Paulo - Brazil - 18103-085

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Furukawa Institute of Technology

Education as a front line

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Have you accessed our Online Education System? All Furukawa’s Certified Professional resources are available there. Access it right now!

Training Programs

Network Installation Professionals

The Furukawa Institute aims to train partners and customers on the best practices for network infrastructure, in a didactic way and divided into modules.

The modules offer both practical and theoretical courses, all structured so that with reduced and optimized time, we can support and collaborate with network installation professionals to perfect their technical competences to size the best job opportunities.r>

Specialization Furukawa

Technologies, Innovation and Trends

In addition to the training courses provided by the Authorized Training Centers, specific trainings are also offered for Channels and Customers, provided directly by Furukawa experts.

We believe that sharing our knowledge on new technologies we foster innovation and promote specializations. With people becoming more connected and the need for differential solutions and technologies in infrastructure, we provide the markets with training that help them design networks for their own future.

Courses and Careers