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Fiber To The Home

In the FTTH Network the fiber goes into the customer’s house. Furukawa offers optics equipment’s and accessories of high quality to attend the high demand of broadband internet for data traffic, voice and video.



- Network’s “future proof”;
- Triple Play Support (Data, Voice and Video);
- There is no need for active equipment at the distribution nor access network;
- Easier installation and low cost repair;
- Greater quality and stability in the transmission;
- The equipment doesn’t suffer from electromagnetic interference;
- Adequate solution for pipes with hard access;
- Fusion, connectorized and pre-connetorized Topologies;



The FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home) networks are 100% optic and are responsible for taking the optic fiber into the customer's house, which are individual constructions and non-vertical (apartments), just like offices, houses and housing associations.


The PON (Passive Optical Network) used in FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home) architectures for the provision of data, voice and video services basically use the division of optical fibers coming from the OLT ports at the central of the service provider until they reach the homes of subscribers. As it is a transparent network free from active equipment between points, it may be used by different technologies like GPON and EPON.


Equipment Central
This is the start of the network where the optical transmission equipment (OLTs), Optical Distributors, splitters, racks and cords are installed.

Distribution Network
Responsible for the transition of the cables of greater amount of optic fiber which come from the central, to the smaller amount of optic fiber which are going to arrive in the customer’s boxes. The key products for this application are the splice boxes (CEO) and the splitters.

Access Network
Transition between the cables from  distribution network external to internal. The key products for this application are the termination boxes (CTO) and the acces cables, as an example the Drop Cables.

Termination Network
At the end of the network happens the transition from the drop cables to the connection of the termination equipment (ONU/ONT), passing through the termination point (PTO/Roseta). In this termination point the ONU/ONT is interconnected to the access network through an optic cord.

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