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  • Furukawa Curitiba Brasil

    0800 41 2100

    - Centro de Produção - R. Hasdrubal Bellegard 820, Cidade Industrial - Curitiba - Paraná - Brazil - 81460-120

  • Furukawa Curitiba Brasil (Escritório)

    0800 41 2100

    - Escritório - Rua Comendador Araújo 499, 11º andar, Centro - Curitiba (Escritório) - Paraná - Brazil - 80420-000

  • Furukawa Sorocaba Brasil

    0800 41 2100

    - Centro de Produção - Av. Pirelli 1.100, Éden - Sorocaba - São Paulo - Brazil - 18103-085

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How to buy

Tools for Sale Furukawa

Thinking about the convenience and ease for your company, Furukawa offers several ways to pay for your purchases.

In Brazil, for FBS (Furukawa Broadband System) line, purchases are made at e-commerce,

Count on our accredited partners, distributors and solution providers to ensure the best local service and for your company to get to know Furukawa's solutions.

Furukawa Broadband System

Extended Product Warranty

Based on a strong work philosophy focused on quality, we obtained a number of national and international certificates and, hence, launched the FBS 10 Year Warranty. A new program in the Broadband area that covers the complete FBS solution for FTTx , including the entire passive optical network and its accessories, as well as active equipment (standard warranty), which should be included in the supply package to grant the extended warranty of the optical cabling for 10 years.

Furukawa Connectivity System

Extended Product Warranty

We are the first company in Brazil to offer extended warranty of 15 to 25 years for cables and accessories, at no additional cost. To have access, simply request from one of our accredited integrators to start the process with Furukawa, and add to your project benefits like: certification of performance of the network, preventive analysis of risks and losses, among others.

Furukawa Industrial System

Extended Product Warranty

Composta por soluções de altíssima qualidade e confiabilidade, e com o intuito de adicionar um maior valor agregado ao usuário final e consequente redução de OPEX para as empresas, oferecemos a Garantia Estendida de 15 a 25 anos para cabos e acessórios industriais, sem custo adicional. Para garantir o retorno sobre o investimento, bem como possuir todas as documentações da rede durante a instalação permitindo a prevenção de falhas e facilidade de manutenção, contrate um integrador credenciado Furukawa e inicie o processo junto à Furukawa.

Where to buy

Count on our accredited partners, distributors and solution providers, to ensure the best local service and for your company to know about Furukawa solutions.