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  • Furukawa Curitiba Brasil

    0800 41 2100

    - Centro de Produção - R. Hasdrubal Bellegard 820, Cidade Industrial - Curitiba - Paraná - Brazil - 81460-120

  • Furukawa Curitiba Brasil (Escritório)

    0800 41 2100

    - Escritório - Rua Comendador Araújo 499, 11º andar, Centro - Curitiba (Escritório) - Paraná - Brazil - 80420-000

  • Furukawa Sorocaba Brasil

    0800 41 2100

    - Centro de Produção - Av. Pirelli 1.100, Éden - Sorocaba - São Paulo - Brazil - 18103-085

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Professional Services

Specialized Services Furukawa

Our Professional Services are the offers of value-added service packages to FBS (Furukawa Broadband System) and FCS (Furukawa Connectivity System) solutions, where customers find suitable support from our team of experts to assist in the elaboration of technical, project’s follow-up and operation of your business.

Furukawa Solutions

Broadband and Connectivity System

Browse through our catalog and check how we transform highly complex projects into rapid and robust solutions that meet the communication infrastructure demands worldwide.