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Systems integrated in a single cabling

According to standard TIA 568.1-D – Commercial Building Telecom Infrastructure Standard - "Structured indoor network is that which is designed to provide an infrastructure that allows the evolution and flexibility for telecommunication services, be it voice, data, image, sound, lighting control, smoke sensors, access control, security systems, environmental controls (air conditioning and ventilation) among others”. The structured cabling system is responsible for being the basis of the local network infrastructure, routing data packets sent by active equipment, connected to this system throughout the structured enterprise.


In order for the implementation of the cabling in a commercial building to be executed properly, it is important to analyze the integration of the systems and the definition of the routes. The earlier the initial planning is performed, the greater the flexibility and lifespan of the installed systems. 

To select the best technology to be installed, it is necessary to analyze the services offered presently and for future expansion, choosing between optical, copper or mixed (optical + copper) cabling. 

The cabling systems in corporate buildings are made up of up to three subsystems: campus backbone, building backbone and horizontal cabling. The subsystems are interconnected to form a cabling system.


a) Campus Distributor;
b) Campus Backbone;
c) Building Distributor;
e) Building Backbone;
e) Floor Distributor;
f) Horizontal Cabling;
g) Consolidation Point;
h) Consolidation Point Cable;
i) Multi-User Telecommunications Outlet Assembly (MUTOA);
j) Telecommunications Outlet.


• Flexibility for layout changes and possibility of including new systems on demand;

• Intercommunication between different systems, generating additional functionalities;

• Network systems based on protocols that allow remote management;

• Standardization of the cabling and performance warranty.

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