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High protection solution for critical environments

There are various industrial applications in which Furukawa operates, offering a wide range of high quality and reliable products that are specified according to the environmental conditions and requirements of each market, such as: Industrial Plant, Hospitals, Mining, Steel, Energy, among others


The increase in  number of connected smart equipment and devices that can communicate in an industrial Ethernet network enables manufacturers to understand the performance of their machines and processes.  New technologies are allowing manufacturers to manage their infrastructures, adding devices and sharing information in new ways. It is equally important to ask not only “What” is being connected, but also "How” these connections are being executed in an  industrial environment.

Furukawa’s Industrial Solution allows the structured cabling installations in the industrial area and in the integration with the corporate area of company to be executed under more adverse conditions, because these are products that have differential protection characteristics.

The connectors, boxes, adaptors, patch cords, optical cords and pre-terminated cables present at  Furukawa’s Industrial Solution have Protection Grade up to IP67, which guarantee protection against dust, strong jets of water and temporary immersion (up to 30 minutes).

The metallic cables have coverings that support applications in environments with high abrasiveness, contact with oil and grease and high temperatures.
All the products comply with the most rigorous structured cabling performance standards for critical environments, like ABNT, ISO and ANSI/TIA*.   

The installation of a cabling suitable for this type of critical environment eliminates problems like oxidation, fatigue and vibration that are caused by dust, moisture and damages on contacts, for example, making the solution 100% reliable and safe.

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