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Furukawa Solutions

Broadband and Cabling System

Browse through our catalog and check how we transform highly complex projects into rapid and robust solutions that meet the communication infrastructure demands worldwide.


Broadband System


Cabling System


Furukawa Broadband System

Through the FBS (Furukawa Broadband System) Solutions, we provide equipment, cables and accessories to implement services over PON (Passive Optical Network) networks, in addition to active equipment for central offices.

Connectorized and Pre-terminated Solutions

Our products guarantee triple play services (data, voice and video) appropriate for each need and provide the best cost-benefit condition in any network architecture (Centralized, Convergent and Distributed), whether by fusion, connectorized or even pre-terminated , providing for telecommunication operator segments, ISPs (Internet Service Providers), construction companies and operators of high standard horizontal and vertical condominiums, meeting the most varied topological needs like FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home) and FTTA (Fiber-To-The-Apartment).

With the pre-terminated solution it is possible to optimize the activation process of new users, reducing costs and installation time, when compared to a splicing solution.

The designed solutions are generally open, with the purpose of generating compatibility between products of different suppliers and making the experience of customers more flexible. Furthermore, one of the main advantages is in the multiplication capacity of the activation teams without having to invest in special tools for this process, such as splicing machines.

Another important point to consider is the adverse conditions observed in installations, especially in old buildings, where obstructed pipes are generally found. For such cases, Furukawa developed cables, accessories and high precision connectors to be mounted on site, with agility and guaranteed performance. These products are under constant evolution and may be applied in the most varied network topologies.


MDU (Multiple Dwelling Unit) Infrastructure suitable for taking the Optical Fiber quickly and reliably to apartments of residential and commercial buildings.


FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home) In FTTH networks, the fibers reach the house of the user. Furukawa offers high quality optical equipment and accessories to meet the broadband demand generated by the huge traffic of data, voice and video via internet.


Optical communication systems for use in industrial automation, electrical networks, surveillance, sensors and equipment. Resistant to electromagnetic interference, is an strategic option for such environments.

Smart Cities

Promote the economic growth by integrating services under a single infrastructure, bringing quality of life, sustainability and the common good through the sharing of digital information and safety, transport, infrastructure, management and health services that benefit all the inhabitants.


ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) Optical Communication Networks for Intelligent Road Automation Systems (ITS).


Furukawa Cabling System

With the FCS (Furukawa Cabling System) Solutions, we provide from the most simple to the most complex connectivity projects that require higher transmission speeds and efficiently. Meeting the demands of data centers (ITMAX), companies, industries and homes.

Simple and Complex Connectivity Projects

We have a network of accredited channels (Distributors, Integrators, Designers and Training Centers), see here (include button to generate leads) to provide service with quality and agility throughout Brazil. And we are undergoing expansion process to offer the same level of commodity to clients worldwide. Besides, by the use and support of this value aggregated channel you will be able to enjoy our Extended Warranty Program of 25 years, which ensures the reliability of the products, as well as the installation services executed by our partners.

Green IT – The program allows customers in Brazil exclusively to update his network infrastructure with a state-of-the-art Furukawa infrastructure, also obtaining the safety in the treatment of connectivity cables and accessories removed in this technological update process.

It is a sustainability program that affects the entire value chain, from the manufacture of new components to practically all customer companies of Furukawa that demand network replacement and modernization projects.

Data Center

A complete infrastructure that integrates structured cabling and technology for the safest applications in Data Center.


Passive optical solution for local networks, capable of reducing operational and maintenance cost in a simple, flexible, ecological way and with high longevity.


A structured cabling system for corporate buildings that allows the dynamic growth of the systems and spaces.


Products that provide high protection to the existing connection between the horizontal cabling and the Ethernet equipment in critical environments.